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Incomplete Orders / Missing Items PolicyUpdated 8 months ago

  1. Shop.Open.Store will process a replacement for orders that arrive with items or components missing. 

  2. Incomplete or Missing Item Claim Window

    1. Window length: 10 days

    2. Window start date:

      1.  For Missing Items, the claim window starts as of the date the order was marked as delivered.

  3. Conditions

    1. The following additional conditions apply to items lost or damaged in transit:

      1. Proof of purchase is required to submit a claim

      2. Photo and or video evidence may be required to submit a claim.

  4. Replacement of Missing Items Process: 

    1. Issuance of replacement orders will be held until Shop.Open.Store is able to confirm that the order was sent out with missing items or components.

  5. This policy does not extend to items lost or damaged during transit. Package / Shipping protection is offered via Route. Please see our Third Party Shipping Insurance Policy for more information.

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